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Who is "The Rob"?????



  • I'm home sick today and listening to PJ Radio. LOVING I've got a feeling from Milan 92 thats playing right now. They played Sonic Reducer from The Vic just before...ahhh memories!! I got a handshake from Ed during that song that night!! LOVE this PJ radio.
    "Rock and roll is something that can't be quantified, sometimes it's not even something you hear, but FEEL!" - Bob Lefsetz
  • HinnHinn Posts: 1,517
    The nephew gets a gig doing tour vlogs for Spin and the uncle gets a radio gig.

    What a couple of mofos.

    I love youse, great to see youse in Seattle, then properly meeting in Philly :)
    115 bucks for half a haircut by a novice? I want my money back!
  • pootowerpootower Posts: 29
    Listen this Chicago May 16, 2006. All is explained.
    Kitchener 9/11/05. Hamilton 9/13/05. Ottawa 9/16/05. Toronto 9/19/05. Toronto 9/5/06. Toronto 10/5/06. Chicago 17/5/06. WP Beach 6/11/08. Tampa 6/12/08. Toronto 8/21/09. Vancouver 9/25/09. The Spectrum x4.
  • PJ_LukinPJ_Lukin Posts: 2,049
    norm wrote:
    and rob, if you're reading this, you're doing a great job with the radio station and the bootlegs but get rid of "the"'s cringe worthy :shock: ;):lol:

    Hi , I'm "The Rob, vice president of the Jamily" :lol:
    ~!~ Peace ~!~ Love ~!~ Pearl Jam ~!~
  • PillowPantsPillowPants Posts: 4,855
    Lizard wrote:
    Per Google:




  • vedhead011vedhead011 Posts: 300
    AskPearlJam: PearlJama101-guest says: Who's idea was it for Eddie to play banjo on "Soon Forget"?
    Eddie: I don't know whose idea it was but it was turned down.
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