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Walkunafraid!!!! Happy B-Day!!!

LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,982
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[size=+2] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/size]
Thanks for all your great Survivor threads!!
Is it over yet? #ITMFA  #ETTD
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  • jimed14jimed14 Posts: 9,488
    has also organized some giveaways too (superbowl one currently going on) ... certainly deserves B-day kudos!

    Happy Birthday!
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  • bovy_jbovy_j Posts: 1,007
    Happy Birthday!
    I too, am very thankful for the Survivor threads! I think all of us are.
  • mookie9999mookie9999 Posts: 4,676
    Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do!!!
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  • yah happy birthday! still bitter about pointless age restrictions in the superbowl thing but i can look past that for today! :p
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  • FedericoFederico Posts: 7,916
    Feliz Cumpleaños, vieja....aguante los sobrevivientes de la perrrrrla!
  • pjtradekingpjtradeking Posts: 4,045

    Thanks for ALL you do!!!
    Never, ever, flipping forget
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  • jimed14 wrote:
    has also organized some giveaways too (superbowl one currently going on) ... certainly deserves B-day kudos!

    Happy Birthday!

    for sure, not only that hes one of the more sensible, intelligent posters on here, always enjoy his input on stuff.

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  • restlesssoulrestlesssoul Posts: 6,899
    Happy Bday !!!!!
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  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 23,938
    yeah this person deserves a great birthday have a happy happy day now give me some great #s for the superbowl board he he he he :D ..
    jesus greets me looks just like me ....
  • walkunafraidwalkunafraid Posts: 2,457
    You guys are awesome!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a good day (my teacher's assistant even baked me a cake!). Now I'm looking forward to a stress-free night and a couple beers with some friends.

    Thanks again. :)
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  • pearljgirl2010pearljgirl2010 Shillington, PA/Tuckerton, NJPosts: 3,428
    enjoy your cake
    enjoy your beer
    i'll say this again
    in another year :-)
    Need a tour Travel Agent??? Pick me :-)

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  • Happy Birthday, Walkunafraid !!

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  • wolfbearwolfbear Posts: 3,965
    Happy Birthday! Hope it continues to be a good one and many many more. :)
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  • satansbedbugssatansbedbugs In my TreePosts: 2,395
    happy bday!!! looking forward to meeting you in the future!!
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  • stuckinlinestuckinline Posts: 2,872
    hbd to a message pit LEGEND!

    thanks for ALL of the survivor threads!

    hope you enjoy your evening
  • ChazzChazz Somerset, UKPosts: 1,063

    Really enjoyed your Survivor threads :)
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