Boston 3 vs. Philly 4



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    boston 3, philly 3, philly 4

    the early acoustic set puts boston 3 on top, only complaint about those 3 boston Glorified G. I was convinced I would hear it during the 2nd encore, but we got YL again. Here's hoping for Hartford this tour.
  • i was at both boston 3 and philly 4 and i would say boston was like an impromptu epic show, philly was sort of expected to be epic. had a great time at both but if i could live one of them over i would choose boston 3. no question.
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    Is the question:

    The 4 Philly shows vs. the 3 Boston shows?

    Or 2009 Philly #4 vs. 2003 Boston #3?
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    demetrios wrote:
    Gmoney wrote:
    what about all three Boston shows in 03' vs all four Philly shows?

    Philly '09 Experience! No other double or triple or qua-triple hitter show's under one certain roof could even come close to Pearl Jam's Philly '09 performance @ the Spectrum.
    Really, D? I trust your opinion, but man do I have a hard time believing they sounded better than those 3 Boston shows....
    Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
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