YIELD day has arrived

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Tomorrow I will celebrate my annual Yield day. Every year I break out Yield either last weekend of April or first of May. I will listen to it quite often until July 4th weekend, when I switch to Binaural. At that point Yield will be retired until next spring... It is hard to go months without Yield, but I've listened to it sooo many times over the years, it's better this way. It is, in fact the best spring album of all time and in retiring it for the summer, fall and winter, it's able to sound new and fresh each spring. I've done this since junior year in college (2002). It's pretty much my favorite holiday... last year I had a party in my recording studio. It sounded awesome but there were too many people and I didn't get to enjoy it. This year im keeping it very simple. My cousin's grilling steaks, were smoking a J and then we are BLASTING YIELD. Can't wait.
Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
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  • excellent work, two thumbs up.
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    Gmoney, you know how much I love Yield. You were a big supporter of my Yield thread in the wintertime. Rock on buddy!
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    can i come
    i post on the board of a band that doesn't exsist anymore .......i need my head examined.......
  • can i come

    that's what she said!
    Straight down the center for a hot chicken dinner!
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