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Is the dvd 'A Broke Down Melody' any good?

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My two younger teenage cousins are really into surf and skate culture in a big way. Was this a good choice for them? Too late now if it wasn't...

The fact Ed did some stuff for it swayed it for me. What tracks are they?
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  • booomm11booomm11 Posts: 865
    yeah it's classic! Shelter is also a good one. I think it was Goodbye that was on the soundtrack.
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    they should definately check out

    blind video days
    almost round 3
    1:Black 2:Corduroy 3:All Those Yesterdays 4:I Got ID 5:Smile

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  • Video Days would be hard to find if you went about actually buying it, if you buy the "What If?" Video though, "Video Days" is a little easter egg on there, you'll just have to look up how to find it :)
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