Selling posters -- for charity???

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Does anyone have any insight into whether or not the band dislikes people selling posters if 100% of the proceeds go to charity? I'm trying to raise some money for a charity and thought that I might auction off a poster or two. Has anyone associated with the band ever said that this is cool or uncool?

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    I would think cool....especially if it was a charity they supported such as the CCFA!
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    i sincerely doubt the band would have any problem with long as it wasn't "ffg's get a new plasma non-profit foundation"....;) :)
  • cutback wrote:
    "ffg's get a new plasma non-profit foundation"

    How'd you know??? :)
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    They are your posters, you may do what you want. No one can stop you from selling something you own. The band has nothing to say other than two thumbs up for helping out the needing and not capitalizing!
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    just a thought......

    I am sure that since there are hundreds of poster on ebay for profit that they will let you give money away to charity if you would like
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