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i'm going to let a friend listen to about 10 shows, and i'm trying to think of some of their best ones from 2000 to 2006.

i'm obviously including 4/3/94, my all-time fave, as well as the 3 nights in mansfield with no repeats (except for YL), as well as the santa barbara bowl from 2006, so that's 5 shows right there.

excluding any of the retail released shows (benaroya, gorge, madison square garden, etc.), any suggestions for 5 more memorable shows would be great.

thanks in advance!!!!!!

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  • This one gets a lot of rotation on my ipod!
  • cincy 06......
    Free Boston Lou!!!!
  • cincy 06......

    I would definitely agree with SPEEDY on this one. I was at that show, so I guess I am a little biased. However, the other show that I have that blows me away every time is San Francisco III '06 (0718/2006). At this point, I would have to say that it is probably my most favorite show of all time.
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  • 5 memorable shows?? ill give ya 3....imo

    i would go with alpine 03........
    grand rapids 06........
    noblesville 03....(ya never hear much about this show on this board.....but that boot is kick ass!!!!!)
    Free Boston Lou!!!!
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    Milan '00
    East Troy '03
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  • cincy 06......
    Heard they played tons of YIELD that night.
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  • thanks for all the help so far!!! i'll be dragging out the big case-logic tonight to revisit these for certain!!!
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    LA 2, 7/10/06 was a fantastic show...
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    My favs from the last few years:

    Jones beach 8/24/00 (its ok tag), but Milan is also great

    Tokyo 03'-crowd is quiet, but its a stellar performance

    Reading 04'-Great show, sad live

    Bortaga 2 05'-present tense opener, first performance of gone

    Albany or Grand Rapids 06'-IMHO the two best sets of the 06 tour (although NJ2 is pretty damn good)

    EDIT: LOLLA 07 set is also very good, and would be good for a new fan
  • DiRtYyELLoWoCeAnDiRtYyELLoWoCeAn Medford, MaPosts: 1,605
    Katowice 2 from '00
    Soldiers Field '95
    BOS 9/28/04, 9/29/04
    MTL 9/15/05
    HRTFD 5/13/06
    BOS 5/24/06, 5/25/06
    VEGAS 7/6/06
    CHI 8/5/07
    NJ 6/19/08
    NYC 6/25/08
    HRTFD 6/27/08
    MANSFLD 6/28/08, 6/30/08
    E.V. BOS 8/1/08
    CHI 8/23/09, 8/24/09
    PHILLY 10/30/09, 10/31/09
    BOS 5/17/10
    CHI 7/19/13
    WOOSTA 10/15/13, 10/16/13
    HRTFD 10/25/13
    BOS 8/5/16, 8/7/16
    BOS 9/2/18, 9/4/18

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