Please trade me your SD2 TM tix for my SD1 10C tix

camaroscamaros Posts: 986
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I will also accept San Diego 3 tix
i like sound...
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  • camaroscamaros Posts: 986
    bumpa dump
    i like sound...
  • my2handsmy2hands Posts: 17,118
    nice trade offer... have fun

    san diego 3?
  • But I would like to extend the same offer. Will trade one 10C SD1 4/15 ticket for one TM SD2 4/16 ticket.

    PM me.

    First show: 3 November 1993 (San Diego)...

    Most recent show: 12 July 2008 (VH1 Rock Honours)...

    Next show: Let's get a tour together...

    Ten Club... you make me smile.
  • PM me
  • camaroscamaros Posts: 986
    i need the PAIR
    i like sound...
  • I will also accept San Diego 3 tix
    If this happens - I'll be as stunned as I was when San Diego 2 mysteriously appeared on TicketMaster! Earlier in the week it was there but had been removed.
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