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Check out this old school video of Eddie, Layne, and Chris Cornell. Freaking LOL!

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"I sang "The Sound of Silence" in high school. It was a duet with this girl I had a crush on. And then she saw me at a party later on and I was really stoned, and she had nothing to do with me after that. Yeah, I guess I've always kind of crooned." - Matt Cameron on being asked about singing.
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    facelift25 wrote:

    I love that video! It's in my favs.
  • Brisk.Brisk. Posts: 11,377
    you wanna know whats cool

    I uploaded that video - saw it in a DVD and it was on of those very cool moments. I never bother usually but that was exceptionally cool!!!
  • WhizbangWhizbang Posts: 1,314
    loves it....
    believe it or not, we don't "need" anything. that is only the spoiled brat in us trying to fill some temporary solution to an emptyness that does not exist.

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    Very cool vid! never seen it before, what a gem! thanx for posting!!
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