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i dunno how many people here this film would appeal to or not. it looked SO promising, written/directed by the same guy who did the squid and the whale...and same sort of family dysfunction focus. :p however, this flick....LOTS of excellent actors - nicole kidman, jennifer jason leigh, jack black, cieran hinds....but completely under-utilized. some good ideas/dialogue...but just fell apart, and also too weighed down with it's own self-importance. such a shame, i really looked forward to it's release and so wanted to like it but yea.....flat.
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  • Quick...someone call Roger Ebert...
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    and reveling in it's loyalty. It's made by forming coalitions
    over specific principles, goals, and policies.

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  • slate gave it a poor review.
  • yea, it definitely got mixed reviews. as i said, i just 'wanted' to like it, and had to see it...due to the actors involved and the writer/director. i had hoped it would surprise me, or i'd disagree with the naysayers b/c that does happen...but yea, this time....pretty much all the comments, positive and negative, right on the money.
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