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St. Nick is DEAD



  • soulsingingsoulsinging Posts: 13,211
    my brother buys the best pressies... he loves shopping. although most of the men at work get their wives to do it :D

    exactly ;) my gf has been buying gifts for months. she sees something while out and thinks "so and so would love this! ill buy it and give it to them for xmas!" i see it and think "i dont want that" and keep walking. she gets very excited about finding a good gift. i hate buying gifts. all i can think is usually "hopefully they won't hate this piece of shit as much as i hated their crappy gift last year."
  • nuffingmannuffingman Posts: 3,014
    christmas day is christmas. but the hooplah surrounding it is the holidays. there are about 6 in a one-month span. so happy holidays is plenty accurate and the celebrations formerly tied only to chrismtas (trees and santa, etc) have become completely secular. rudolph, frosty, etc are just part of american culture and have nothing to do with any given tradition.

    that said, say christmas if you want. i don't care. i say happy holidays cos i don't know what holiday they're going to be celebrating and im wishing THEM a happy whatever holiday they celebrate, not the one i do. the analogy i used before was birthdays... you don't wish peope happy birthday on YOUR birthday becos that's what you celebrate. you acknowledge THEIR birthday and wish them well on it. i feel the same with the holidays around here. but i'd sure as hell not be offended if you wanna wish me merry xmas.
    Please open on 25 December.

    Merry Christmas! :)
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