Nearly finished Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5

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What an amazing, hilarious find. Maybe the best £3 ever spent.
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  • I have that book, my ex housemate was a huge fan and gave it to me, I actually quite liked it.
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    i just returned this to the uni library last week.

    it always makes me think of that scene in footloose where the dogooders say they have a problem over at the high school with the english teacher wanting to teach that horrrible book.
    one of the woman says:slaughterhouse 5. isnt that a terrible name for a book
    and kevin bacon's character, ren, says: oh yeah it's great book. it's a classic
    and they all look at him like he just ate a baby.
    and a guy says: maybe in some other town
    and ren says:in any town
    and the man says:tom sawyer is a classic

    ren was right. tis a classic. :)
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    This is one of my favorite books.
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