stupid dog bylaws...

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sooo, i woke up to my mom tlaking with someone from the porch and when i got up and looked it was the township animal control who had been driving by and happened to see my dog on the lawn.

so appearently, according to city bylaws you're dog can't be on its own front lawn having a pee unleashed... because thats all she was doing... roaming around finding a good spot (as dogs do).

we got away with a warning but come onnn. i mean, the leashed unleashed thing on walks i know everyone bickers about but shes on her own property not doing anything.

i'll probably get flamed for this, but i posted it anyways. i found it lame.
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    that's the dumbest thing i've heard in a's your yard...the dog can pee wherever she wants!
  • what kind of dog?
  • haffajappahaffajappa British ColumbiaPosts: 5,955
    cundall23 wrote:
    what kind of dog?
    shes a husky shepherd, and i think she might ahve a bit of border collie in her.
    from reading this sheet he gave me i think theres different laws for different sized dogs...
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    I wonder how much time this animal control person wastes on those people with the invisible fences.
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  • honestly though, they gotta enforce the rules. You're dog may not do anything, but the guy's dog down the street may attack somebody walking by.

    Kinda like when you hear those sad stories about a dog killing a child or something....the owners always say "He's never acted out like that before"....truth is, its still an animal, and it can happen at any time.
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  • haffajappahaffajappa British ColumbiaPosts: 5,955 i hafto put my dog on a leash to walk her out 2 feet on the yard to pee?
    i see what you mean tho... i see both sides of it. just thought it was a little ridiculous.

    and i didnt get mad at the guy, i was prepared to argue with him, but when i opened the door i actually recognized him cause his wife rents movies at my work all the time and i took his passport photo last week haha. he was really nice about it too. good thing, cause arguing would have been a little silly.
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  • I wonder how much time this animal control person wastes on those people with the invisible fences.

    HAHAHAHAHA the thought of some animal control person going door to door to try and get people for having their pups out on the lawn. Thats hilarious to me.

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    It's not illegal here. As long as your dog is on your property there's no problem. Your law is pretty strict.
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    Who lets their dog just roam outside without a leash or fence? Do you want it to get hit by a car?
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  • ok I think most of you are missing the point here.

    The bylaw doesn't say the dog can't piss on its own lawn...the law is about it being UNLEASHED (esp if there is nobody outside supervising). You know what, I agree with said law.
    You might have the cutest, most friendliest dog on the planet...BUT not all dogs are, and what starts out as a dog taking a piss, could turn into a dog mauling a kid or a neighbour OR a dog getting run over by a car. You know who's fault it would be?? THE OWNERS for being stupid and lazy!

    Further to this, the friendliest dogs can turn...esp if you have idiot neighbours who think its funny to tease and taunt animals. Having the dog on a leash EVEN TO PEE can prevent dogs from following their natural instints of going after someone who is provoking them. This would also allow you to go up to said neighbour (assuming you are a good pet owner by supervising the animal at all times) and ripping them a new one for disrespecting your dog.

    Don't be so quick to judge the bylaws. Most have been put in place for a reason...and in this case it has NOTHING at all to do with WHERE your dog can piss.
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    know1 wrote:
    Who lets their dog just roam outside without a leash or fence? Do you want it to get hit by a car?
    people who are willing to take that chance cause htey're dog is pretty well trained.
    i dont feel the need to put her on a leash, walk her to the lawn, wait for her to pee and walk her back.
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  • haffajappahaffajappa British ColumbiaPosts: 5,955
    You know who's fault it would be?? THE OWNERS for being stupid and lazy!
    have a bad experience in the pasT? no offense, just seems like you're getting kinda touchy on the subject.
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