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HAPPY BIRTHDAY aNiMal.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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right on!!!!!!

happy birthday to one of the good guys.....
Free Boston Lou!!!!
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  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,305
    chitown's gotta represent, Happy B-day ANIMAL

    I'll listen to some def leppard in honor of you
  • happy birthday!!
  • QuarterToTenQuarterToTen Cincinnati, OhioPosts: 3,603
    Happy Birthday! Cheers :D
    Nice shirt.
  • happy birthday!

    have a great one! :)
  • JeanieJeanie Posts: 9,446

    Have a great day! :)

    *~You're IT Bert!~*

    Hold on to the thread
    The currents will shift
  • SENROCKSENROCK Posts: 10,736
    aNiMaL!!!!! i wish u thee most OUTSTANDING birthday EVER!!! you are one awesome dude & im gladd to call you friend! party on!!!
    ~~~~~~ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD TIME~~~~~~
    Sir Mike McCready is....THE MASTER!!! WAHHH!!!

    "Pearl Jam fans are obsessed, they'd see the boys in HELL if tickets were sold."-CROJAM95

    It takes balls to put out a UKE album!
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool.Posts: 31,149
    happy birthday....have a great day!! :D
  • Never met you yet or I don't remember if we did. lol

    Anyway Happy Birthday. :D
  • my2handsmy2hands Posts: 17,118
    happy birthday!
  • senninsennin Posts: 2,146
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Go Hawks!
  • electronblueelectronblue FloridaPosts: 3,439
    hAppY bIRthDay, aNiMaL!...~
    I need your healing..
    I need to feel what you're feeling..
    I need to ride the wave ~
    I need for you to save me, now..


    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 04/08/2016

  • AmentsChickAmentsChick Posts: 6,963
    Happy Birthday to you!
    This is the greatest band in the world -- Ben Harper

  • yosi1yosi1 Posts: 3,272
    Happy birthday Kevin!
    you couldn't swing if you were hangin' from a palm tree in a hurricane.
  • Happy Birthday, fellow Sag :)
  • TrailerTrailer Posts: 1,431
    Happy birthday!
    Whoa, chill bro... you know you can't raise your voice like that when the lion's here.
  • cat72cat72 Oxford, MAPosts: 2,992
    Hope you have a great one!!!

    Happy Birthday :)
  • aNiMaLaNiMaL Posts: 7,093
    Right on!! Thanks everyone!

    Jeanie, I love that video!! :D

    I bought myself the new Ben Harper album on vinyl for my birthday.

    I just watched the Seahawks beat the Rams!!! Go Hawks!!!!

    We're heading down to The Spar for dinner, beers, and Sunday Night Blues this evening. Head on down if you're in the neighborhood.

    Hooray for Sagittarius!!!!
  • TrixieCatTrixieCat Posts: 5,756
    Have a wonderful happy birthday dinner.
    Happy Birthday! :)
    Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you're gone away
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool.Posts: 31,149
    hey i've been to the spar....great place, have fun.....and yes sags are the best...:)
  • pjtradekingpjtradeking Posts: 4,045
    Happy Birthday!! Didnt realize yours was so soon, or I would have done it yesterday!! ;)
    Never, ever, flipping forget
    "Free Shipping" SPEEDY MCCREADY

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  • libragirllibragirl Posts: 4,632
    Happy Birthday!
    These cuts are leaving creases. Trace the scars to fit the pieces, to tell the story, you don't need to say a word.
  • LizardjamLizardjam Posts: 1,121
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
    bugs in the way...I feel about you

    "New music, new friends. Pearl Jam."

    I like our socks. I hear we make a fine sock. I always say, You might not love our records, but I think you'll like our socks. - Stone

    "This record is us speaking out in class." -EV on PJ
  • Urban HikerUrban Hiker Posts: 1,312
    Happy Birthday to a fellow Washingtonian Archer! :D
    Walking can be a real trip
    "We've laid the groundwork. It's like planting the seeds. And next year, it's spring." - Nader
    Prepare for tending to your garden, America.
  • happy, happy birthday aNiMaL!

    !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!
    +1 for luck! :D

    hope it was a GREAT day for you - what a biggie birthday!
    Stay with me...
    Let's just breathe...

    I am myself like you somehow

  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,982
    Late here too !!! :o.

    [size=+2]HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!![/size]
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA  #ETTD
  • Hope you had a great birthday! :)
    There's a light when my baby's in my arms :)
  • aNiMaLaNiMaL Posts: 7,093
    Thanks again everyone!! I had a GREAT birthday yesterday!!! In fact I took today off from work in continued celebration of my birthday!!!
  • Happy Birthday!
  • HawkshoreHawkshore Posts: 2,112
    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a blast! :D
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  • South of SeattleSouth of Seattle West SeattlePosts: 10,703
    Happy Belated Birthday!
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