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Seattle - Dunshee House tree buying fundraiser

RubysdadRubysdad Posts: 133
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In the Seattle area? Join us in supporting the Dunshee House by purchasing a holiday tree, wreath or garlands at the 18th Annual Dunshee House fundraiser. For tree lot locations and more information, visit or call 206-322-AIDS.

Dunshee House, a non-profit organization, builds community and cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing emotional support and personal development services to those affected by HIV/AIDS, the Queer communities, and those who love them.
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  • tishtish taking the looooooong way,...Posts: 3,505
    Good work, again, gentlemen.
  • KushikushunKushikushun Posts: 1,263
    Great! I love these kind of messages on this board.
    The world doesnot only revolve around PJ ...!! :D
    Why not be mediocre and be the best at it that you can be?
  • evenflowmanevenflowman Posts: 1,335
    cool i will have to get one for the house
  • dmcdmc Posts: 8
    I live kitty-corner from the Dunshee House and they have a lot of great trees and wreaths. I see people driving away with trees everyday. So if you're in the area I would recommend stopping by.
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