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Happy Birthday iamsampj

South of SeattleSouth of Seattle West SeattlePosts: 10,703
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Happy Birthday Sam!

Hope the Hipsters treat you well today ;)
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  • TrixieCatTrixieCat Posts: 5,756
    Happy Birthday!
    Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
    And I don't feel right when you're gone away
  • AllIAmAllIAm Posts: 1,309
    Happy Birthday darling!!! you really are one of the kindest and most generous people i know.. i still wear my rex manning shirt with pride and everytime someone sees it they always say they want one and i always say no my friend Sam made it especially for me :)
  • happy, happy birthday sam!

    !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!! +1 for luck! :D

    hope it's a GREAT one for a VERY cool chick! :cool: i always think of you when i go into urban outfitters. ;)

    enjoy your special day!
    Stay with me...
    Let's just breathe...

    I am myself like you somehow

  • JDE-PJJDE-PJ Posts: 721
    Happy Birthday, enjoy all your music today.
    I know someday you will have a beautiful Life

  • iamsampjiamsampj Posts: 784
    gracias to everyone for the b-day wishes :)
    I'm working but am having "party dress monday" to celebrate!! we're all pretty fancy here at urban right now :) I love it!!
    yes...i do feel like a human. i do not feel like a tree.
  • Steve DunneSteve Dunne Posts: 4,962
    hey happy bday!!! hope you get some free drinx in ybor!!!
    I love to turn you on
  • Happy birthday to a girl who seems to be really cool!!!

    Alles Guddes fir däin gebuertsdag, wenschen däer daat all deng Wönsch an Erfellung ginn.
    Beavis : Is this Pearl Jam?
    Butt-head: This guy makes faces like Eddie Vedder.
    Beavis: No, Eddie Vedder makes faces like this guy.
    Butt-head: I heard these guys, like, came first and Pearl Jam ripped them off.
    Beavis: No, Pearl Jam came first.
    Butt-head: Well, they both suck.
  • Have a happy day :)
    There's a light when my baby's in my arms :)
  • soulsingingsoulsinging Posts: 13,211
    i want my empire records!

    i feel like the paper boy from 'better off dead' :)
  • TrailerTrailer Posts: 1,431
    Hope you're getting lots of free drinks tonight!!
    Whoa, chill bro... you know you can't raise your voice like that when the lion's here.
  • cat72cat72 Oxford, MAPosts: 2,992
    oopps, a little late, but hope you had a great day!!!!!
  • iamsampjiamsampj Posts: 784
    i want my empire records!

    i feel like the paper boy from 'better off dead' :)
    could you have a least waited until after my b-day was over to be quite so demanding ;)

    i have it...still...hanging out...just waiting for a way to get up to chicago. it thoroughly enjoyed the flight up to lolla, though there was no way to get in touch with the new owner?! who's fault was that?? ahahaha :D
    yes...i do feel like a human. i do not feel like a tree.
  • Happy Birthday!!! :)
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