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caption THIS pic...

The Waiting Trophy ManThe Waiting Trophy Man Niagara region, Ontario, CanadaPosts: 12,158
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Another habit says it's in love with you
Another habit says its long overdue
Another habit like an unwanted friend
I'm so happy with my righteous self
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  • what the fuck is your problem
    If you hate something dont you do it too
    world fucking champs!!!
  • itsevobabyitsevobaby Posts: 1,809
    "look, this is just ridiculous. where THE FUCK is boom with our bus?!?"
    Look Alive,
    See These Bones
  • Matt: "why does eddie get to lean on the poll?" "now i know why the other drummers left"
    I will be what i could be
    Once I get out of this town

  • zenithzenith Posts: 3,191
    stone - 'did anyone tell ed its about time he changed his clothes?'
    mike - 'no, i thought you did it!'
    jeff - 'well what are we going to do? he's getting a bit stinky y'now'
    matt - 'just stand over here away from him - the winds blowing that way anyway.'

    hehe - how weird is this :D we need a few more piccas
    impatience is a gift ........
  • SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MIPosts: 3,236
    you done wandered on to our turf, friend.
    "Well, I think this band is incapable of sucking."
    -my dad after hearing Not for You for the first time on SNL .
  • nuzpapernuzpaper Posts: 211
    Toronto 96, Barrie 98, Toronto 00, Toronto 03, Ottawa 05, Toronto 05, Toronto 06, Toronto 06, Denver 06, Denver 06, Chicago 07, New York 08, New York 08...I'm just getting started
  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,478
    PSst....hey looking for that DC Klasuen? I can hook you up, just come over here.
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool.Posts: 31,149
    matt - "dude, why can't anyone park within 30 feet of ed?

  • "Me love you long time."
    "I'll end up alone like I began..."

    "You need the patience of like a National Geographic photographer sitting underneath the bush in a tent, trying to get a picture of zebras fucking or something for the first time." -Eddie Vedder
  • DeadmanDeadman Posts: 745
    "GAP... NEW ARRIVALS... Our latest styles are a big hit, whether you're giving, keeping, or doing a little of both"

    ...but I really do like their style.
  • NO l-o-i-t-e-r-i-n-g allowed
  • and the sign says "long haired hippie people, need not apply"
    Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North."
  • Grumpy Old Men.
  • My3rdEyeMy3rdEye Posts: 926
    Stone - "When the fuck does this record store open anyway? Its cold out here."
    Ed - "Pussy".
  • cutback wrote:
    matt - "dude, why can't anyone park within 30 feet of ed?

    funniest post so far. good job.
  • Jeff- God, I'm so sexy.
  • "We're millionaires, why the fuck are we waiting for a Bus ??"

    "Stone's idea"
    My drinking team has a hockey problem

    The ONLY thing better than a glass of beer is tea with Miss McGill

    A protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers
  • Hitch-HikerHitch-Hiker Posts: 2,873
    Mike: Hey everyone! Check out my stripy pants!
    I'll Ride The Wave Where It Takes Me
  • pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,328
    pearl Jam's new cover 'Stop right now thank you very much, i need somebody with a human touch'
    Sydney 11/02/2003
    Sydney 14/02/2003
    Sydney 07/11/2006
    Sydney 18/11/2006
    Sydney 22/11/2009
    EV Sydney 18/03/2011
    EV Sydney 19/03/2011
    EV Sydney 20/03/2011
    Melbourne 24/01/2014
    Sydney 26/01/2014
    EV Sydney 13/02/2014
  • by standing here and appearing cool no one will notice our hands are glued in our pockets
  • "look casual, cops"
    Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North."
  • how long do you think it will take for someone to recognize us?
    i dunno, shouldn't be long tho
    but it's already been 3 hours, how much longer do we have to wait?
  • Hi I'm Ed and this is my back-up band: Matt "the greatest drummer in the world" Cameron, Mike 'the greatest guitarist in the world' McCready and two other guys.

    Montreal/98, Toronto/00'03'05'06x2, Brad Toronto/02, Buffalo/03, Kitchener/05, London/05, Hamilton/05, Late Show Taping/06, Cleveland/06, Pittsburgh/06, Bridge School Benefit Concert/06, Hartford/08, Mansfield 1/08, EV Montreal/08x2, EV Toronto/08x2...
  • Mike: "Ed, where'd your car go?"

    Matt: "It was in a no parking zone...maybe they towed it?"

    Ed: "You fucking dolt, you know it's been stolen..."

    Jeff: "Well, that is a possibility."

    Stone: "Phone's ringing Ed..."
    Ed: "Thank you Stone!"
    Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash and I’m
    delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.
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