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Hey does anyone know the seating capicity for the Zellerbach??
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    From the UC Berkeley website:


    Orchestra 1,059
    Mezzanine 564
    Balcony 391
    Total 2014
    Pit Seating (movable) 75
    Grand Total 2089
    10/27/00, 10/28/00, 10/20/01, 12/8/02, 6/1/03, 6/2/03, 6/5/03, 6/6/03, 10/25/03, 10/28/03, 7/7/06, 7/9/06, 7/10/06, 7/15/06, 7/16/06, 7/18/06, 10/21/06, 4/5/08, 4/7/08, 6/11/08, 6/12/08, 6/16/08
  • Whoa! I had no idea it was that small. Thanks for the info...I cant believe its that small
    If you were my friend, I'd give you the ball on every play.
  • ...that's what your girlfriend said as well...hah...!
  • The Spreckels Theatre (acoustically perfect), one of the finest theatres in America, has 1,915 seats.
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