ED singing, he's sitting on a carpet

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I saw on youtube a video of ed sitting on a carpet and singing Long Road I think it was. Anyways, I thought PJ should team up with Matisyahu on a concert, what do you think? Look at the link "Crown of Thorns" and "King without a crown" Thet already match!
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  • That would have been Dead Man Walking: The Concert.

    03/29/98 - Shrine Auditorium: Los Angeles, CA ("Not In Our Name" - Dead Man Walking: The Concert) Ed and Jeff only
    set: Trouble (Ed solo), Dead Man, Long Road, Face of Love
    enc: Innocent When You Dream (whole ensemble including Ani DiFranco, Steve Earle, Tom Waits, Tim Robbins and others)
    This show was a an anti-death penalty benefit for Murder Victims' Families For Reconciliation and Hope House. Ed and Jeff are the final act. The Ani DiFranco fans in the balcony are yelling "Eddie Vedder sucks," but when Ed takes the stage, the crowd starts applauding and he says, "I thought you said I suck." Seated on cushions on the floor with an acoustic guitar, Ed performs Cat Stevens 'Trouble' solo. Jeff joins Ed, playing his electric stand-up bass with a bow during 'Dead Man.' Ed explains how he wrote the song after talking with Tim Robbins and later told him how he wrote a song called 'Dead Man Walking' but Tim says he already had a song with that title written by Bruce Springsteen and he has to use his because of a "seniority thing" so Ed retitled the song 'Dead Man.' 'Long Road' includes Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dildar Hussein (percussionist) and John Densmore (drummer for The Doors). Ed and Nusrat trade verses until the chanting toward the end and they are both singing together. 'Face of Love' is beautiful. Both 'Long Road' and 'Face of Love' are long, extended versions. At the end, all performers return to the stage for 'Innocent When You Dream,' led by Tom Waits with Bonnie Raitt joining on guitar.
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    I would pay to NOT have Matisyahu join PJ on stage.
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    BinFrog wrote:
    I would pay to NOT have Matisyahu join PJ on stage.
    I'll second that!
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