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At Last!!

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Its taken me so long to be able to log in!! I kept being told I had forgotten my password when I hadnt !! I must have received loads of new passwords,and in the end this one has worked ! so I will say "hello "to everyone and say its great to be back ,by the way I was "shirley in hokkaido "on the old board!
The waiting drove me mad!!!
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  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Im in the wrong forum I think I should be in "who you are" !!!sorry about that!!
    The waiting drove me mad!!!
  • hey there
    at last someone to talk to!
    how you doing!?
    Some people have to have the sultry evenings Cocktails in the blue, red and grey But I like every minute of the day.
    Newcastle-Riverside 02/22/92!!!
    E.rutherford New Jersey 01/06/06
    Athens -Greece.survived !barely-
    Wembley 18/06/07- no words- just smiles!
  • Hey thanks for the reply!! Im in Japan and its 8.30 in the evening here.I am orgionally from the UK though and all my family are still there.Here in Japan I have my Japanese husband and 4 kids!! and 2 grand ones . theres nothing I love better than rocking to Pearl Jam though.I am hoping and hoping they will tour the UK next summer then I can tie in a visit to see my family AND get to some pj concerts --I hope I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The waiting drove me mad!!!
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