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fighting the wind
chambered legs piston
pumping pedals
propel him thru the
shadows of the night
rounds a bend
sees the tin man
rusting in place
where flood waters
caught him
as he searched
for a heart

catches a shadow moving
in a darkend window
the motion of norman
fucking his mother's ass
she urges him to
push it harder
the sounds of squeaking springs
echo in the room

from the shadows
of the roadside woods
the horseman gallops
appraoching fast behind
carrying the partial birth abortion
of ichabods first sown son
he heaves the corpse
at the rider
missing his mark
instead it splatters
on a stone monument
to the ten commandments
sitting in a statehouse rotunda
the chord dangles
changing words to read
thou shalt kill

in another place and time
a man lies crushed
under steel and concrete
alone among the dying thousands
wasting his last words and breath
begging mercy from a god
who couldnt give a flying fuck
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  • setaside2setaside2 Posts: 1,084
    Fairy tales, myth, and religion. Destroyed in a fell swoop of anger.

    I understand.

    Respectfully, I wonder who it is that angers you more? The human? or the ethereal?

    I am undecided myself.
    I'm stepping in front of the gushing hydrant in a hurricane. I'd like to see the traction I keep.
  • maynard said something once about screaming to keep himself sane, or to keep his anger from shredding other ppl apart

    and i do believe there is freedom in anger...
    and even peace
    after it passes...

    nice, tu ~ muchas gracias mido
    Nosotros nunca escuchamos la voz adentro
  • setaside2setaside2 Posts: 1,084
    lifeisworth is, in my opinion, spot on.

    pain, frustration, anger, ferocity, burn, smolder, pass, cinder, sigh, release.
    I'm stepping in front of the gushing hydrant in a hurricane. I'd like to see the traction I keep.
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