Poetry is pretentious junk

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ha ha ha har har
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    You forgot to add that poetry is also "Self-reassuring, ego-boosting and pretentious, but hopefully heartfelt and unapologetically bombastic"
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    WOW...speechless really...

    any more you care to share? please, please, please?
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    i like the rally!!!
    "Don't Be Ridiculous"
    ~Balki Bartokamous

    "Some people have taken pure bullshit, and turned it into gold."

    "Call out the instigators, because there's something in the air..."
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    Poetry does not have to be pretentious; it is only the “poetry scene” which has deteriorated into an abysmal paste of cynics, self-loathing whiners who have recently run out of scapegoats and of course; pretentious worms. So cheer up! Quality is interpretation.
  • i don't think poetry, or it's "scene" is pretentious at all...

    i think it's an experiment with language... all those ppl trying to describe or re-describe what's been written umpteen million times...

    i went to a layperson's reading and the support was amazing, all around...

    i think poets rule

    (ooops, i'm a poet... guess it is pretentious....)
    Nosotros nunca escuchamos la voz adentro
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    maybe junk sometimes, i know i don't pretend for anyone w/my words, sorry your posting awoke me.
    Seek It
  • most is, but i don't think it has to be. as long as it's honest.
    There have been shows where maybe the whole first half of the show my eyes have been closed. and then you'll look out in the crowd and there'll be somebody totally lost in their head, in exactly the same place you're in. That, to me, is the essence of music

    ~Jeff Ament
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