I'm over and done

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i'm over it all,
and i can see what
it is you wanted me
to do, and what it was
you wanted out
of my songs and poems
and stories and laughter
and love,
and i see what it is
you felt when you heard
the Big Bopper died
or when Elvis took too many pills,
even for him, and i see
that when i die
from taking too many pills
or drinking too much or
from something a little
less romantic then either of those,
i see that people will cry,
people i didn't know and
never wanted to know,
and people i loved and hated
and people who really cared
about me and those that didn't,
but the most important thing
that i'll ever see, is that
when i die and my ashes
are spread over the ocean or
dumped in my guitar or
thrown off a cliff or set on
some lonely mantel collecting dust,
or i'm buried in a grave and
resting peacefully or buried in a grave
and resting uncomfortably
with a pebble in my back,
i'm over and done.
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