The Thin Air fuck up in Benaroya is hilarious

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Lmao!! :D
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    agreed. laugh my ass off every time. You can kind of hear Ed's smile as he starts singing after the fuck up. He was probably trying so hard not to laugh.
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    OptrexOptrex Posts: 31
    what exactly is the f**k up?, I don't hear it
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    mookie9999mookie9999 Posts: 4,677
    Optrex wrote:
    what exactly is the f**k up?, I don't hear it

    Stone's guitar part after the first verse is completely silent. At the end of the song he plays it properly, I guess to show he still knows how. Good stuff!
    "The leads are weak!"

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    OptrexOptrex Posts: 31
    oh right, now I hear it, thanks
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