ISO Dive Bomber T-Shirt

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Does anyone know a good online t-shirt store that may have the Dive Bomber t-shirt? ( and that ships to Canada).

Or does anyone know if the shirt goes by another name? Mine's in rags and I'm having a hell of a time finding a new one in Large online.

(it's the plane from St. Louise 08) ... rshirt.jpg
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  • lukin14lukin14 Posts: 287
    i have one, i think its an XL.. i'd give it to you, but after 9 years it does start to show its age.. not in rags yet, but faded a bit..
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  • LoveBoatAdmiralLoveBoatAdmiral Posts: 1,191
    They sold in from 10C in 06, its my favorite shirt. I'd give it up for the actual poster, but thats about it
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