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  • einatshauleinatshaul Posts: 2,219
    Bump for Da Kaine!!! Da show is on!!! :D If anyone on this board was to see the piles of PJ toys in Mary's house they'd be tripping hard... :lol:
    ... And who's going home with the Margarita machine??
  • rattzeyrattzey Posts: 872

    Got into Kaanapli last night ,into out beautiful condo, Cant wait for the pre party then EDDDIE . So I repeat 2 canuck's and 1 kiwi have landed
    Walkin on a slippery sidewalk listening to P.J
  • pjcincipjcinci Posts: 223
    Hey All

    can someone be a friend and pick me up one of the baseball shirts??

    i can try to pick something up for you at Chicago

    or maybe trade a EV wallet with a signed pick from AtLanTa
  • Well the Eddie Vedder Maui Sunset Cruise was a total success :D To all my new friends... thank you for your Aloha! You are all so beautiful. Mahalo for your love.

    20 Pearl Jam Fans.... from all over the world... listening to Ed while cruising the West Maui shore. Epic!

    It was the PrePreParty :lol: ............ and today the real PreParty and THE SHOW!!!!! :mrgreen:
  • demetriosdemetrios Canada Posts: 84,632
    Tonight's the night!!! :mrgreen: Say hi to Marcia & Amy for me. Don't think they visits the Message Board here, but know they will be @ the preparty!

    Mary, Joni, Einat have an amazing time. I wish I was there right now instead of here. It's been raining the past 5 day's non stop & it's gonna continue raining tomorrow. Totally sucks! :x

    I got a wedding poposal few day's ago from a friend to meet me @ Maui for this Ed event. :D
    But I can't go, cause i'm stuck here in Halifax! Can't make it! :(

  • Thanks for all you have done D! You helped put so many Jammers together in Hawaii :D

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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,081
    drink a mohito for us,,,and have fun..... :D:D
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  • einatshauleinatshaul Posts: 2,219
    This party felt like a great success, Mary - Bill - a job so very well done!!! Smily faces all around with so many great prizes won.

    I wonder... who ended up with the margarita maker?!! :D All in all a wonderful success for Jan and Surfrider and job well done people! The next two parties sure have a model opener to look up to.
  • G ForceG Force Posts: 1,392
    I miss you all.

    This was amazing.

    Well done to everyone involved. I big special THANK YOU to Joni, Mary and Big Game Bill. UNREAL!

  • Joni-LeeJoni-Lee Posts: 430
    Mahalo G-Force. We're so glad you and Elena came along xx
  • G ForceG Force Posts: 1,392
    What a time this was.  Let's do it again!
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