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.........there is a video on NIN.com of Jane's Addiction. Upcoming Janes/NIN tour if you all haven't heard. Might be amazing.
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    I'm definitely hitting up this show if at all possible.
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    i bet janes will headline lolla this year
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    thought this was an appropriate place to post these...

    http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/f ... -addiction

    oh and by the way they were on the nin website.
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    Sounds like Josh will be joining Jane's tour...Dave ill
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    I saw Janes Addiction open for Smashing Pumpkins a few months back.  They were still pretty good.   I hadn't see them since lolla 2003, so it had been a while.
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    I thought I read that the original lineup is touring with DN 
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    Zod said:
    I saw Janes Addiction open for Smashing Pumpkins a few months back.  They were still pretty good.   I hadn't see them since lolla 2003, so it had been a while.
    Same. Last saw them at Lolla ‘03. Audioslave, Incubus and Perfect Circle were right underneath them. Was in my early 20’s so a lot of it is a blur. Excited for this and it’s in a smaller, more intimate setting.

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    Saw them for the first time in Italy three weeks ago. They were GREAT!
    Navarro is a beast. Perry was struggling a little bit. Avery & Perkins were tight as always.
    Here's a pro-shot from the current tour:


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