Fuck Cancer



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    CROJAM95 wrote:
    writersu wrote:

    We had I real special relationship. During his treatments we would watch a bunch of comedy stuff, and talk for hours. I live on my own, when he was sick I couldn't stand to be that far away for too long.He fought like hell.

    I know his dedication to us wasn't all for not. He took great pride in seeing us happy. But I still feel it was his turn to relax, and enjoy life. The small stuff doesn't bother me that much at all anymore.I know what is Important.Your Kids are lucky to have a parent like you.

    well, that's all we can do, then, right? do what is still available to us with the people we love while we can and when they are gone, it will hurt like hell; we will still miss them but we will have no regrets as to what we should have done.

    one of the things that I did for my dad, (and am grateful that I had the thought to do this) was to treat him no differently than when he was healthy.

    I figured that as a man, it had to be hard to be the one people were always asking how you felt and treating you like you were sick when you were use to being the provider and healthy. I don't know what it meant really, but to me, I was glad that I did that.

    and thanks for saying that about the parent thing; after all is said and done, if my kids say I loved them like crazy and that even if I screwed up, I never meant to, then it has been a good ride.
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    We were notified today that a very good friend died of cancer this morning.  We knew she was sick but had no idea it was that close to the end.  My wife came into the room where I was and I knew right away it was something bad.  She told me what happened and we fell into each others arms in tears. 

    Then we hear another very good friend has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma and and is going into surgery soon.

    Fucking cancer.  I feel overwhelmed by this shit.  :frowning:
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  • WhatYouTaughtMeWhatYouTaughtMe I have no idea what's going on right now!Posts: 4,828
    I would post something more intelligent Brian, but I'm incredibly intoxicated at the moment. I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss my friend. You know how to reach me if you need to.
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