Who Wants to trade to the Floor in Tampa?

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Here is my problem:
My number 173xxx and I’ll probably have seats somewhere around 12th row to 20th row. My girlfriend is short, at our last show we had the floor, 15th row, and she couldn’t see a thing. I’m 5’10” and had no problem seeing the band.

I’d like to find a 10C member who has tix on the side of the arena, and after we pick up our tix, we trade, you will get my two floor seats and I get your two side arena seats . . .

If your seats suck then no trade. If you think my seats suck then no trade. But lets determine this at the time we get our tix using a seating chart, so, therefore, half way during the show I don’t want you to tap me on the should and say you want your seats back . . .Simple stuff.

PM me if your interested, its really for my girlfriend, I just want her to enjoy a show . . . Thanks guys.
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    Might be hard to do that this tour... I can see it now...

    "no way dude, i might get into the 1st or 2nd row with my tickets!"

    good luck though.
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