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There is a holiday before Christmas...



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    i have tried to locate some good thanksgiving music........can not find any.

    besides...thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
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  • Wegmans has a sign as you walk into their stores that says something along the lines of...

    "Some of our customers prefer to get into the Holiday Spirit early and we try to accomodate all of our clients wishes. We are now carrying Christmas Items even though it's October"


    We too, have a radio station that is 100% Christmas. Starts the day after Halloween.
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    ahhh yes...Thanksgiving. The day America celebrates the rape and pilage of it's native people and their land.

    Pass the gravy please!

    You know, my head tells me this^, and I feel sorry about it^^^ but my heart just wants me to sit and have a nice (vegetarian) dinner with the family and try to be grateful for what we have. I like thanksgiving mainly because its quiet and we stay in.
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