~Happy Birthday CROJAM95!!!!

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I wish you the best day ever!!! :D
Im gladd to call you "friend"....... :)
Make sure u party like you just turned 21 and are LEGALLY able to buy alcohol!!!! :D
Happy Birthday!!!
Sir Mike McCready is....THE MASTER!!! WAHHH!!!

"Pearl Jam fans are obsessed, they'd see the boys in HELL if tickets were sold."-CROJAM95

It takes balls to put out a UKE album!
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    ooops, party on!!!!! ;)

    Happy Birthday!!!
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  • Dude it's 28 not 21 right?

    Happy Happy Birthday!!
  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,186
    SENROCK! wrote:
    I wish you the best day ever!!! :D
    Im gladd to call you "friend"....... :)
    Make sure u party like you just turned 21 and are LEGALLY able to buy alcohol!!!! :D
    Happy Birthday!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Your 1 in a million :)....tonight little dinner with my Mom,Brother,Sister and few family and friends

    Tomorrow gonna be in AC, i was suppose to be there tonight to see NIN @ House of Blues, it fell through the last minute..oh well

    and yes Black D I'm 28....I have alot of goals for the upcoming year, 1 of them is to chase the boys around the US a bit more in '09(I hope I didn't jinx it) and maybe get my passport stamped a few times if they make it overseas....100% if they play Croatia...I missed out last time, not this time :)
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    have a great one!
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    [size=+2]Happy Birthday!!![/size]
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA
  • Happy Birthday:D
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    Happy Birthday, dude (from me and the dog)! Remember, tomorrow is a work day :D.
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    birthday greetings from the pearl(jam) of the orient seas!
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    apparently, 07162056 is THE date...
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    Happy Birthday :)
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  • Happy birthday,and have fun! :D
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    have a great birthday!
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