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I'm wanting to whip together a nice DVD for my wife (and my mother and hers for Christmas) for her birthday with the pictures from our wedding and honeymoon put onto DVD with music.

I want to be able to break them all down by different categories of pictures (bridal party, groomsman, reception, etc) and add music to them, and also have a option to upload our DVD of the actual wedding to the collection as well.

Does anyone know a good program to use for something like this and if it is downloadable or if it's available at places like Best Buy? Also, do they allow you to make your own menus w/ pictures and music?

I'm pretty clueless on all of this, but it seems like it would be a nice present in addition to whatever else I get her.
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    I know you can use Nero to make DVD's out of video files (although it sounds like you're talking still photos), but overlaying music and all that is beyond my experience.
    You may wish to post this in the tech section of the forums so that it isn't overlooked by the gods (or goddesses) of techie wisdom.
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    i use adobe premiere's 100 bucks i think but it's really east to use and can do everything you want to do....:)
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