August 2nd 2007, The Vic, Who has it?

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I guess I am out of the loop lately b/c last night on pearljamlive.com was the first time I stumbled upon this show.
Awesome! I never heard of some of the songs in the begining of it. I gotta get this on CD. If anyone has it.....PLEASE PLEASE PM me.
Thanks so much,
Get em a Body Bag Yeeeeeaaaaa!
Sweep the Leg Johnny.
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    *PM SENT* :cool:
    Been to this many PJ shows: Reading 2006 London 2007 Manchester & London 2009 Dublin, Belfast, London, Nijmegen & Berlin 2010 Manchester 1 & Manchester 2 2012...

    ... and I still think Drive-By Truckers are better.
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