A raised eyebrow...

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...a new breed of "PC."


I do not want my computer trying to cheer me up in the morning with hilarious and titillating adverts for online relationships, especially not before I've had the chance to perk myself up naturally with a good fresh cup of Seattle's Best brew...

Rather, if I ever saw these "personality computers" in a store front I might relive a flashback from the movie Fight Club... and return the following evening with explosives and a black mask.

Does this mean I will have to wear such a black mask while surfing in my own home - just to avoid the obvious annoyance this feature is sure to cause? Does this mean it's either a) time to throw away my computer, or b) learn Linux?

No doubt I'm over exaggerating the chances of such a thing succeeding in infiltrating the mass market. But I don't like it, I don't like it one bit.

How do you feel about this "personality computer"?
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    VictoryGinVictoryGin Posts: 1,207
    Not only is that creepy, but it's not a Mac. I don't buy PCs. :)
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    Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone want a computer like that? Computers are annoying enough as it is.
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    soulsingingsoulsinging Posts: 13,202
    just what we need in cars... someone who already is confused by the rules suddenly having a creepy ass mechanical voice talking to them... that wont cause an accident.
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    decides2dreamdecides2dream Posts: 14,976
    i definitely would not like that. *shudders*
    i'll keep the mind-reading for huimans, and even they do a piss-pooor job at times in any case. :p i certainly don't need/want an inanimate object to try and second-guess me...i do that enough on my own. ;)
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    JaneNYJaneNY Posts: 4,438
    I don't like the sound of that at all. If it gets 'bundled' with software in the future (like all the junk that you get on a new pc), I'll probably either have to disable it, or leave the internet for good. There's my extreme reaction hehe.
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    BlancheBlanche Posts: 247
    "It's puzzling, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before."
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