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Barry Ames in Montana

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  • Thanks EW. Great article. Makes me want the book that much more.
    Did you order the book yet?

    Big ups to the BIG SKY. It's fucking awesome to live out here...
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  • Thanks for the link...a good read.


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  • Damn, now I'm going to have to get the book. Thanks for posting the article! (I mean that in a good way :)
    when you get confused just listen to the music play........

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    thanks EW

    good read!

    "the city" thats right


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    "Some posters sell for more than $150 on eBay"

    ha ha ha ha some go for as much as $750 on ebay....... I wish $150
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  • Big ups to the BIG SKY. It's fucking awesome to live out here...

    Damn straight! I'm actually in "the city" working for a few days.
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    good ol montana!!!
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