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While looking for a current event at for my Government class awhile back, I saw an advertisement for new no sweat shoes. This sparked my interest and after a little research this is what I found:
NEW! No Sweat Sneakers with Souls
Now you can walk down the street without stepping on the worker who made your shoes!
The workers receive a starting wage 20% higher than the regional minimum, a rice allowance of 30 liters per month, 100% health insurance and 80% for family members, travel allowances, maternity benefits, a genuine pension plan, and more.
In fact, we had to wait months for our first shipment—the workers were on PAID VACATION for Ramadan!
We are also super-excited about the pink high top’s Code Pink logo on the sides—you can now show the world you're a peace-lover and a conscientious consumer at the same time!
We will send you along with your order the complete labor content disclosure form upon request so you can educate your friends and colleagues.
Available in original black low top, "Code Pink" high top, and red Mojo "Bienstar" High Top in honor of Mother Jones
While they look like your favorite now sweatshop-produced "Chuckies", local customers have commented they are far more comfortable.
You can purchase these shoes by going to and clicking on the apparel section.
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