Anybody wanna share some happy moments

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I dont usually post much here. I just like watching and reading. But i have been a collector of pj vinyl since my sister got me the vitalogy vinyl back in the day. So over the past week i was on ebay to try and score the vinyl i needed. The only ones Im missing were No Code, Binaural, and LO2L. So I ended up winning No Code and Binaural. Damn Im excited right now. Plus i got ITW on its way.

Anyone else wanna share their awesome moments?
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    Floyd4894 wrote:

    Anyone else wanna share their awesome moments?

    Any awesome moment? :D

    Oh, PJ related. ::)

    Hmm, well one of my favorite memories is when my friend Cheryl, who knows Ed, went backstage during the October 05 Philly show. She always goes backstage when the band is in town. This time however, when we met up outside the venue, I was smart enough to ask her to see if Ed would sign my Who bandana. A few minutes before the show started, she called me to meet her on the concourse and lo an behold, Ed had signed the bandana to me personally. He even drew a little Who symbol on there.

    Now that is an awesome moment!
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    my buddy(who worked security at the Garden) sneaking me and my brother 4th row at Boston 2 it was sweet......I didnt have a camera though a missed a Tambourine by 2 rows during RITFW!

    awesome none the less!!!
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    MSG 1998. The sea of Breath signs and they play it. That and Irving Plaza being right up front.. Two awesome moments... <- my band
    MSG - NYC - 9-10-1998
    MSG - NYC - 9-11-1998 (BEST FKING SHOW!)
    Jones Beach - 8-25-2000
    Nassau Coliseum - 4-30-2003
    Irving Plaza - 5-5-06 (another great show)
    New Jersey - 6-1-06
    MSG - NYC - 6.24.08
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    Waiting behind the Vic, trying to beg bodyguards or Dick Adams for any tickets...the boys were done soundchecking and going back to their lunch tent and my brother, buddy Dan and myself got to hang out, shake hands & take pics with Mike, Stone, Matt & Boom...who were all just AMAZING guys, very down to earth and genuine...then after hearing part of that great show from outside, as they were loading into the van, Ed came out with his bodyguard and shook a couple of hands, no pics though...but all in all, it was the 2nd best thing that could've happened since NOT getting in...the boot (courtesy of demetrious) completes it!
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