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Stone Recruits Teenage Johnny Cash Prodigy

idratherbeidratherbe Posts: 366
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Check this kid out. I didn't realize Stone was recording a Hank Williams tribute album! Sorry if it's old news, but I did do a perfunctory search before posting.

I can't believe this kid's voice.

Good Morning America performance:


Cool stuff.

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  • holy shit! its uncanny how much he sounds like the real deal! id love to hear some original stuff... itd be like having johnny cash back!
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  • adam42381adam42381 Kernersville, NCPosts: 2,470
    Gotta admit that I closed my eyes and couldn't tell that it wasn't Johnny Cash singing. Good find!
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  • That's just bizarre. Good on him for getting Stone's attention though. :)
  • that kid played at the pike place market anniversary party this summer where we all watched him in amazement. it's the same show that stone and mike played with the rock and roll house band. i wonder if stone saw him for the first time there or if he had seen him at his regular gig at the market. the kid seemed really cool and john carter cash is producing the new album. very cool.
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  • knittedknitted Posts: 244
    "With that voice, you think, 'Well that's just the greatest thing I've ever heard,'" says Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. In September, Gossard pulled Miranda into his studio for an "ongoing project" that has Seattle musicians reinterpreting the songs of Hank Williams Sr. "He has this incredible gift, this huge sound. And then he's got a real fire in his eye, and he gives it up."

    the greatest thing you've ever heard....apart from ed of course, eh stone?:)

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  • Kid's got some skillz! I can't help but think he could do a good Vedder imitation. Maybe Stone is recruiting him for "other" reasons.......
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  • bumping a positive thread... :)

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  • evenflowmanevenflowman Posts: 1,335
    Saw him at pikes place last year and my mouth dropped thought i was at a cash show he is simply amazing
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