Happy Birthday Helen

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I didn't see a thread so I hope this isn't a duplicate.

Happy Birthday!
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    V VV V Posts: 5,191

    happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    chopitdownchopitdown Posts: 2,222
    happy birthday!
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    AbuskedtiAbuskedti Posts: 1,917
    Happy Birthday :)
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    Heineken HelenHeineken Helen Posts: 18,095
    Yay :D Thank you :)

    I'm off home to start enjoying it now so have a good one.
    The Astoria??? Orgazmic!
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    What a different life
    Had I not found this love with you
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    booze it up!
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    Happy Birthday, part II.............there's a thread ove on the AET. Go out and make the boys cry.............
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    angelicaangelica Posts: 6,038
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HELEN!!! (yet again....*yawn* )


    did you visit any good clubs this weekend, in celebration??? ;):)
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    Rhinocerous Surprise '08!!!
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    MrBrianMrBrian Posts: 2,672
    Smoke it up!
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    :):)Happy Birthday Helen:):)

    **Live it up!**
    If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.

    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
    -Oscar Wilde
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    miskinmiskin Posts: 278
    have an average birthday

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    mammasanmammasan Posts: 5,656
    Lá breithe mhaith agat!
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    BlancheBlanche Posts: 247
    :) Kalz a vloavezhioù all! :)
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    leashleash Posts: 79
    happy birthday mrs, hope you have a good one, just over eight weeks till dublin!!
    ......we were but stones, your light made us stars......

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    dunkmandunkman Posts: 19,646
    Helen Helen
    with the giant melons
    the thought of which
    causes gigantic swelling
    of a thing called a penis
    which isnt for smellin'
    its for something else
    but you guess, i'm not tellin
    anyway boobies are awesomely hot
    aesthetically... not Kelvin
    sorry... this reply is meandering
    i'll stop my pervin
    so happy birthday from me
    and my obsession with spellin
    oh scary... 40000 morbidly obese christians wearing fanny packs invading europe is probably the least scariest thing since I watched an edited version of The Care Bears movie in an extremely brightly lit cinema.
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    CaterinaACaterinaA Posts: 572
    Happy birthday Helen!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a great day!

    Cheers from Argentina

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    CollinCollin Posts: 4,931
    happy birthday, I'm sure you're partying right now instead of roaming about on this board.

    naděje umírá poslední
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    wolfamongwolveswolfamongwolves Posts: 2,410
    good lord, dunk!

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    hippiemomhippiemom Posts: 3,326
    Happy, happy birthday, Helen!!!

    Hope you're having a magnificent time :D
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    vedhead19vedhead19 Posts: 89
    Don't have a clue who you are but happy birthday!
    are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?

    can't escape from the common rule if you hate something, don't you do it too

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    El_KabongEl_Kabong Posts: 4,141
    Happy Birthday Helekin!
    standin above the crowd
    he had a voice that was strong and loud and
    i swallowed his facade cos i'm so
    eager to identify with
    someone above the crowd
    someone who seemed to feel the same
    someone prepared to lead the way
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    Wishing you the best on your birthday Heineken Helen
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    kenny olavkenny olav Posts: 3,319
    i'm sure its the wee hours of the morning over there in the old country, but happy birthday to ya!
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    happy happy birthday.
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    Heineken HelenHeineken Helen Posts: 18,095
    good lord, dunk!

    Ah ya get used to him :rolleyes: :D

    Thanks everyone :) it worked! I had a happy one :)

    Well chinese and a bottle of wine - yep I'm definitely old :eek: But I finished off 25 in style over the weekend :o
    The Astoria??? Orgazmic!
    Verona??? it's all surmountable
    Dublin 23.08.06 "The beauty of Ireland, right there!"
    Wembley? We all believe!
    Copenhagen?? your light made us stars
    Chicago 07? And love
    What a different life
    Had I not found this love with you
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    ByrnzieByrnzie Posts: 21,037
    :D:D:D Happy birthday for yesterday Helen!!!!! :D:D:D
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