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9.13.10 This sticky still applies. And it still applies in 2019.

Discuss the topic, not the people discussing the topic. No personal comments. Look your comments over before hitting Submit and be sure you're debating THE TOPIC.

Thank you.

Hi all,

First of all...welcome back from this brief timeout. Now for a little heart-to-heart...please keep reading.

There are so many difficult situations going on in the world; the wars being fought are also being fought verbally online. We feel that Pearl Jam fans coming together to examine the topics is a good thing for all of us, and for the most part, that's what goes on here. There are mostly thoughtful posts with an eye toward actually discussing an issue to learn more here. Unfortunately, there have been too many posts recently by a few people with the sole intent of "bombing" the other person and their point of view into oblivion. It doesn't work and will never work and it isn't ok here. There are many no-holds-barred political forums on the net but this isn't one of them so we invite the people who prefer that, to find one of those forums...you will be happier there.

For everyone else...It's important to know/realize/learn that showing and expressing respect for the persons you're speaking with actually increases their willingness to listen to what you're saying. This is not opinion; this is fact. So if someone is speaking antagonistically and/or aggressively to a fellow Pearl Jam fan here, heaping abuse upon them, it's not following the Posting Guidelines one agreed to when registering. Anyone doing that will not remain here...it's solely *their choice.* Second chances will not be given for anyone dropping bombs on another member. If someone sees a problem post, please use the triangle-shaped icon on the post and report it to us so we can take care of it. Your help is always appreciated.

Finally, A Moving Train is just a small portion of the Message Pit and we encourage everyone to visit the other areas to discuss other topics too. We all have one common bond - Pearl Jam's music and this is primarily a music site. We love seeing you and hope you will continue to enjoy your time here. Please feel free to write to us or contact us with that Report icon if there's a problem we can head off.

Peace and Love,
Kat and Sea
Falling down,...not staying down
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