Zombie/Witch (I)

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Wore were shadowed snake skinned pattered scaled yellow-blue velvet.
She witch moon-child, gray tones are your silent night spells.
This.. my end, I am not my own.. anymore, …no resting deep silence.
Several altars the endless night transcends.
With bare pillows and fangs exposed your eyes roll over,.. glaze over, and I,
I have become the enslaved, the hostage, the kept zombie.
The zombie to your ever so twisted lust crazed appetite for my hardened blood.
Only you will drain my life when I taste your wet stone spilling across these walls.
Build my mind, mold every muscle.
Clay-dolls and puppet-stringed little fucks got nothing on your witch crafted
hand of red bone dust passion and melted angel winged candles
which roar as if a lioness set a blaze all county sides, but within my boiling fucking soul.
To love your mouth till no tomorrow exists, for it never to be more real.. all seas castle’s floor, I am chained, anchored down, .. the beast.
for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

"Hear me, my chiefs!
I am tired; my heart is
sick and sad. From where
the sun stands I will fight
no more forever."

Chief Joseph - Nez Perce
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    all i can do is smile at this chad. there are no words. :)
    hear my name
    take a good look
    this could be the day
    hold my hand
    lie beside me
    i just need to say
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