Favorite Pearl Jam song(Currently & all time)



  • oceanfloweroceanflower Posts: 101
    Black...now and forever.

    Those who dance are called insane
    by those who don't hear the music.
    ~ Eddie Vedder
  • currently: come back
    all time: black
    2003: Melbourne 1
    2006: Verona, Vienna, Zagreb, Melbourne 1-2-3, Adelaide 1-2
    2009: Melbourne
    2010: Belfast
    2012: Werchter
    2014: Melbourne, Adelaide, EV Melb 1-2
  • DonJonDonJon Posts: 5,089
    Im gonna cheat:

    Current: Down/Undone - live versions

    All Time: Corduroy/SOLAT
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me.
  • current: in my tree
    all time: breath
    Small my table, seats just 3, its not crowded, its just lucky me
  • Current: Red Mosquito & Fatal
    All Time: Elderly Woman...
  • currently Hail Hail
    all time even flow
  • _Crazy_Mary__Crazy_Mary_ Posts: 1,299
    currently: Crazy Mary
    all time: Crazy Mary

    lol, just kidding!

    current: Release
    all time: Black
    I really screwed that up. I really Schruted it.
  • RoeghmannRoeghmann Posts: 959
    Currently - Corduroy
    All time - Alive (don´t know if it ts the best, but it opened a door.....)
    Run away my son. See it all. Oh see the world.
  • Lone WolfLone Wolf Posts: 1,023
    current: Severed Hand
    all time: RVM
    Dream the dreams of other men,...You´ll be no ones rival,...
    Dream the dreams of others then,... You will be no ones rival,...
  • forever and always: low light
  • Current: Solat
    All Time: alive or black (cant choose)
  • korbykorby Posts: 298
    an hour after i heard about the shootings. they played YELLOW LEDBETTER.

    i cried like a baby
    its ok
  • wolfbearwolfbear Posts: 3,965
    Too hard! The first thing that came to mind though was Corduroy though. It always makes me happy. What more can you ask of a song? :)
    "I'd rather be with an animal." "Those that can be trusted can change their mind." "The in between is mine." "If I don't lose control, explore and not explode, a preternatural other plane with the power to maintain." "Yeh this is living." "Life is what you make it."
  • Current: Down

    All time: Even Flow
  • Army & NavyArmy & Navy Posts: 120
    Current : Worldwide Suicide
    All Time : Off He Goes
  • illegal pantsillegal pants Posts: 13,471
    currently: in my tree
    all time: given to fly
  • GotMyLeashGotMyLeash Posts: 128
    Current = Oceans

    All Time = Red Mosquito
    Ben, the two of us need look no more

    Nothing changes...torture then reward
    torture then reward...torture then reward,
    follows torture...follows reward....

  • Current: Who You Are
    All time: I Got Shit
    If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.

    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
    -Oscar Wilde
  • jwhjr17jwhjr17 Posts: 1,430
    Current - Inside Job
    All Time - Black
    1998-06-30 Mpls | 2006-07-06 Las Vegas | 2010-05-03 Kansas City | 2011-07-01 St. Louis EV
    2011-07-02 Mpls EV | 2011-09-03 PJ20 | 2011-09-04 PJ20 | 2011-09-17 Winnipeg
    2012-09-30 Missoula | 2012-11-18 Tulsa EV | 2013-07-19 Chicago | 2013-11-15 Dallas
    2013-11-16 OKC | 2014-10-09 Lincoln | 2014-10-17 Moline | 2014-10-19 St. Paul
    2014-10-20 Milwaukee | 2016-08-20 Chicago | 2016-08-22 Chicago | 2018-08-18 Chicago
    2018-08-20 Chicago
  • pjamaholicpjamaholic Posts: 1,225
    Current: Army Reserve/Marker in the Sand
    All Time: Black then Present Tense
  • South of SeattleSouth of Seattle West SeattlePosts: 10,703
    current: Nothingman
    all time: In My Tree
  • patrickredeyespatrickredeyes Posts: 8,833
    Current- Inside Job from 7/6/06 I love it!!!
    All time- Smile :)
  • humanlitehumanlite Posts: 36
    now-severed hand
    all time-present tense
  • Jzs20Jzs20 Posts: 28
    No Way is sounding pretty cool nowadays.
  • AnaPharmaAnaPharma Posts: 27
    Current: Smile :)
    All Time - "Untitled - I'm still here" (basically the story of my life...)
    "See the path cut by the Moon, for you to walk on"
  • DontGotIDDontGotID Posts: 135
    current- sad

    all time- so hard.. id have to say Alive
  • ronyrony Posts: 212
    current: Life Wasted
    all time: Corduroy
  • Current: Life Wasted / Red Mosquito / Dissident

    All Time: Betterman
  • covincovin Posts: 42
    Currently: Corduroy
    All Time: Release
  • chrisg72chrisg72 South JerseyPosts: 105
    Currently: Wash
    All Time: Given to Fly
    9.28.96 - 9.29.96 - 9.1.00 - 6.3.06 - 6.24.08 - 6.25.08 - EV 8.7.08 - 10.30.09 - 5.20.10 - 5.21.10 - 9.11.11
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