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"Midnight Ride"

PadrinoPadrino Posts: 1
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this song is a bit explicit, intentionally written in the 1st person as an ironic statement about a certain type of irresponsible wealthy family life. if you recognize the true story behind it, you will also get the meaning of certain subtle references (title, etc..). hope you like it.

"Midnight Ride" is based in the beginning on the true story of amy grossberg/brian peterson...a wealthy college boyfriend/girlfriend pair who hid her pregnancy and then secretly gave birth to the baby in hotel, killed it, tried to cover it up, but got caught. they ended up getting a plea bargain and only spent 2 years in prison. i lived right across the quad from amy's dorm, hated them and felt they got off easy.

“Midnight Ride”
Knocked up sweet Amy some time ago,
Tell her she’s gainin’ weight and startin’ to show,
But she says she hides it well, that nobody knows.
Haven’t given much thought to my future lately,
So I’m on my way to kill our newborn baby.
My girl called, said she cannot wait,
Said she thinks she felt her water break.
Can’t waste no time, gotta get in my car and drive…
Cover up this mistake before its too late.
I’m on a…

Midnight Ride…my innocence slips by
Pregnant teens flush their problems away
Midnight ride…my innocence slips by
Can’t wash my guilty hands clean today
Midnight ride…the clock on the wall unwinds

Girl, wipe your tears
Do you need an escape from reality?
See how ketamine takes the guilt out of me.
You wonder if the memory will always haunt you
Not if the cops don’t catch onto…

So take two tabs of ecstasy
I don’t care much for responsibility.
I’m the numb suburban socialite
My family’s wallet makes all my wrongs come out right.

Midnight ride…my innocence slips by
Privelege takes me where I want to go
Midnight ride…my innocence slips by
Everything handed to me, I just can’t say no.
Midnight ride… never cut the tie that binds

Mom’s drunk again and talking to herself
Television raised me, couldn’t look to nobody else
Daddy never took the time…never saw what was out of line.
Too many business trips, too many twenty-something mistresses.
The kid next door straps the vein,
He taps the needle, a lifeless body soon remains,
He starts to shake, now he’s turning blue.
His eyes roll back… I grin and laugh…. what else am I supposed to do?
Think I have a hollow heart
How can I control what I didn’t choose to start?
So give me my Mercedes-Benz
Don’t deal much with consequences, I like to play pretend.
Raised on ignorance is my only defense.

Midnight ride…my innocence slips by
Yeah, it’s a midnight ride thru my hollow heart
As tragedy silently swings in my backyard
Midnight ride…where my sins multiply.

Yeah, someday I’ll make a lucky girl my wife
Just like my parents except they hate their life
I’ll have two kids, country clubs, white picket fences
Three cars, couple houses, you know they’ll be expensive.
Score some coke to blow off steam…
Fuck the babysitter who looks like the prom queen,
Yeah, I’ll be the American dream…
the American dream.

I always scream but no one listens…
What about our problems aren’t you gettin’?
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