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I'm feeling a little braver, and would like to post another poem...if you will all bear with me :)


Inside, it starts.
The fire spills slowly across my face,
then down; fast and hard
just like the fire that consumed Jenna’s house,
only in the small place, locked deep,
I’ll run for this, I’ll burn in this damnable rain.

Three months now,
with only two full weeks of sunshine.
Outside, you curse the car
we never should have driven to Hershey.
I draw the outline in chalk;
you hit me, of course it’s not a joke
the tranny’s dead, I cost you another car.

Last night I dreamed
we were walking in Carmel
with no shoes on,
in a gallery where the photographs
peeled off albino walls,
waiting and naked like a woman.
I was jealous of the green shirt
you wore, knowing it was my favorite color,
wearing it better than I will ever wear
my countenance.

My conscience is a dilettante,
no excuses.
I’ll run until I’m exonerated.
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  • coleencoleen Posts: 938
    well you've done it again savannah - really wonderfully written.

    the passage beginning with "Last night I dreamed..." and through to the very last word was just exceptional. i can't even pinpoint the shining moment, my favorite bit, its just too wonderful to extract a single line as a defining moment.

    thank you so much.
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