freedom of speech

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i'm new to this board but have been reading it a bit to try and get educated on some stuff i didn't know about pearl jam like stuff about how dave abbruzzeze left etc. but was shocked by some of the stuff written anti ed for speaking out about Bush

this issue is dead now and i don't want to argue or spark anything up (hence why this post is in the poetry bit) but i really just want to state that from a country that prides itself of its democratic status some people's reaction to someone speaking their mind disgusted me.

Scrutinising your government is a basic democratic ideal because your government represents you and if you don't agree then you should be allowed to state this whenever you want. Especially when it concerns such things as pre emptive strikes and ecomomic endeavours disguised as war. George Bush is a danger and Vedder was only pointing this out.
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  • Yes, very true.
    'Fox hunting is barbaric, the people who do it are a bunch of snobby tories with stupid posh accents. Oh damn, i didn't say that - damn, what a giveaway...'
  • You hit the nail on the head mulac.
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    Democracy sure dosen't live up to the billing it gets. Does it?
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    freedom of speech
    freedom of what?
    democracy exists
    when you say the things i wanna hear

    i will lie for you
    i won't die for you
    democracy exists
    when i tell you what you shoulda feared
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