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GouletGoulet Posts: 918
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i seem to remember all the times
i've tried to kiss someone and i failed
and all the times i've tried to fail
and i failed, and i remember all
the days that my dreams
seemed so easy and so normal
and so attainable, and i remember
i used to care about some things
and maybe everything.
but now, these days, its tough to
even not just go get drunk
or stoned
or both,
and its tough to think i'm
anything more then melodramatic
or pretentious or, god forbid,
apathetic, and i can't get
through a day without
making some fantasy in my head that
i won't ever live up to,
and that no one ever could,
and that no one would ever want to,
and that's what scares me about
this morning, sitting here at a desk,
infront of a keyboard,
wasting my life.
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  • coleencoleen Posts: 938
    well if time spent in front of your keyboard continues to produce beauties like this and others you've posted my estimation there isn't a second of that time thats wasted.
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