poetry that rhymes

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its been done and done to death and only makes the poem sound like a nursery rhyme and bad...but if you're trying to mock the fact that your poem rhymes then that's Okay, but otherwise it just sounds forced. in other words its really, really hard to write a good poem that uses a rhyming pattern...everyone should try it but its actually much more expressive to go free-verse and let the words come out like they want. just a thought maybe someone will listen and we can all do a dance holding hands in the rain and feel no pain.
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  • Yeah i agree, its like they have taken more time trying to make it ryhme, as apose to being honest and lettting the words come naturally.
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    and robert frost is dead, so he won't be playing tennis anytime soon...and my point was that if you don't know how to use rhyme in a good way it always turns out bad, Robert Frost and others like him COULD use rhyme to strengthen their poems becasue they were fantastic, inventive writers
  • It is not necessarily about rhyme... but rhythm.
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    I always try to rhyme
    It's monotonous
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