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the times that i'm drunk

GouletGoulet Posts: 918
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i think i own the world and i think that JAZZ music is better then anythign alive and i think that i'm ashamed of myself and no one can fix my elself tyrytry rttt tey try it!!!!!!!
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  • You sound sad.

    Imagine you are a kitty and I am petting you.

    doesn't that feel good.....furry kitty.

    YOU need a kitty.

    They are warm and sit on your chest and purr in a deep cat like tone.

    (footnote: People have viewed cats through the years with a suspicious eye....with 9 reincarnations and the ability to steal your breath, well, they are just so adorable. Don't fret, we now know their low bass tones are not, we repeat NOT
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