I'm better then you

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Ronny Blankenshaw has got an itch,
he'd better scratch it,
he'd better,
I’ve seen better though,
and come to think of it
Ronny Blankenshaw isn't
even a real person,
he got no backbone
he got no spine.
Ronny Blankenshaw is older then us,
and he wasted his life on drugs and drink,
and artistic endeavors,
and all the time he was happy,
and smiling a lot, and peeking
at everyone out of the slant-corner of his
slant-corner eyes,
and to think I trusted him.
did you?
did you hear Ronny Blankenshaw
has a new single out,
two beautiful songs about
lots of love
or lost love
I can't remember which,
either way he's going to be rich,
don'tcha think?
Ronny Blankenshaw sits on a stool
all day, on the corner of 3rd and Ginsberg
and paints with his hands and fingers,
and thinks the paint means nothing,
but that's only cause he don't understand nothin',
because he can't use nothin',
because Ronny Blankenshaw is a low-life,
and has no goals in his low life and isn't much
of a lover,
but after Ronny Blankenshaw retires
and moves to the country,
and gets a wife and kids and a nice country house,
he's going to sit back down on his stool,
in the middle of a wide-wide field somewhere,
and he's going to breath some fresh air
and begin to realize what's wrong with
everyone but him and think that he,
Ronny Blankenshaw, could rule the world,
the universe even. He's gonna
think he's God, that he's got everything
and he's going places in this world,
but he no beautiful pleasure dome,
he no god-like-glorious,
Ronny Blankenshaw will then paint
some boring pastoral pictures,
beaming with utter contempt for Human Civilization,
and then he will go back to his home,
pour some hot tea,
and go to sleep beside his lovely
thinking that he is a perfect
specimen of the Human Civilization.
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