this one's about my mailbox.

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The cat trigger pull full is nestled next to the abominable snow puppet of Mr. next-door-neighbor's face and that puts me and the world in a particular situation of repeating everything or else the walrus blubber I was sleeping in might get caught stealing fruit like oranges and apples and big long penis-shaped bananas from the grocery store in my new Big City neighborhood and that's all too complicated to talk about yet or when the dream sequence begins and you're God and you realize that you're just a fucked-up god in your god universe and that's why this world's so fucked up because you procrastinate and wait until the late last minute to get shit done and finalize deals and apply for pointless stupid insulting jobs so you pull off your ears and go to sleep in the goo-goo-goo nation of baby-time slumber and annex your lungs and foot-pads and shoelaces right off of your dumb boring body so that's why.
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    A long awaited welcome back.
    You've changed your place in this world!
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    bring nothing but baby food for lunch and your coworkers at your new pointless job will never want to eat with you and you wont have to smell their healthy choices stinking up the microwave when you come in on saturday to warm some crappy coffee from yesterday all your troubles become so far away and in love.

    welcome back kotter.
    "and then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small cafe in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong in the world all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right and no one had to get nailed to anything. Sadly, before she could get to a phone to tell anyone about it, a terrible stupid catastrophe occurred, and the idea was lost forever."

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
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